Transmission Repair Frequently Asked Questions – Part 1

Our Transmission Repair Company Gives You the Answers You Need to Know

Welcome to our auto repair blog page! Here Performance Transmission will post various tips and recommendations on handling different problems with automobile transmissions and other vehicle-related issues. We hope you will find our first post useful as it outlines the basic questions that people ask when they contact a transmission repair company.

1. How often should I service automatic transmission?
It is recommended that you service your transmission at least once every year or every 20,000 miles.
2. How do I know the transmission of my vehicle requires a repair service?
When you have one of the following problems, you are in trouble:
Difficulty starting your vehicle because of problems with your engine.
Black exhaust smoke coming out at starting.
Difficulty in steering your automobile.
A feeling of vibration because of improper balancing of your tires.
Drafting when applying brakes.
3. Is it safe to drive with a transmission leak?
It is absolutely forbidden to drive with a transmission leak as it may affect the general performance of the transmission.

If you want to learn more, call our transmission repair company in Grand Junction, CO at (970) 523-1986 or follow our post next week when we will answer a few more questions.